La Gauchita

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La Gauchita

La Gauchita and L’Argentina are moving in together! Can you imagine being able to share your wardrobe with your best friend, because together you have endless outfit options?! That one blouse, that is actually hers, but looks so much better on you?! Well there is no need to sneak into her closet anymore, because we brought the brands together for you into one big heavenly online walk-in-closet!


La Gauchita is the adventurous sister of L’Argentina. Where L’Argentina offers luxury womenswear with the spirit of Argentina and is inspired by the polo sport, La Gauchita offers clothing that symbolizes the lifestyle of the independent, tough, yet feminine Gauchita. As siblings you look-a-like, because you share the same roots. At the same time, you are unique and have your own personality, just like our sister brand.

Curious for the collection of our sister? Be sure to step inside her closet by clicking here.  

Happy shopping!


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